Every Single Reader Review of WHITESANDS on Amazon. So far.

It's been two weeks since WHITESANDS was published. In that time it has achieved more success than I thought a book by an unknown author would. As an example, it has been in the top 50 New Horror Thrillers on Amazon UK and in the Top 100 New Occult Horror releases on Amazon.com Amazon Canada… Continue reading Every Single Reader Review of WHITESANDS on Amazon. So far.


Whitesands, by Johann Thorsson

A fantastic review of Whitesands!

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Short Take: A captivating mix of Nordic Noir, ghost stories, and murder mysteries in Big City, USA, which is something I never thought I’d type.


(*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*)

Greetings Duckies!! It’s been a hectic week, and it’s shaping up to be even busier in the days ahead, so let’s dive right in, shall we?

In Whitesands, Detective John Dark is, to put it mildly, Not Doing Well. His daughter Emily has been missing for two years, and despite his willingness to Break Every Rule in his desperate search, there’s been no movement in her case. His wife and son barely speak to him, and professionally, he’s all but frozen out of the force.

That is, until a very strange murder occurs. A husband has stabbed his wife to death (I know, that’s not the strange…

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Whitesands is out in just two weeks – and here’s what reviewers are saying.

Tense, breakneck storytelling. WHITESANDS is a dash of Thomas Harris swirled with supernatural elements that leave you speeding through the pages. - Kristi DeMeester, author of SUCH A PRETTY SMILE and BENEATH A fantastic blending of genres in the hands of a gifted storyteller. Part psychological thriller, part supernatural police procedural—think The Sinner meets Behind Her Eyes,… Continue reading Whitesands is out in just two weeks – and here’s what reviewers are saying.


I just finished Greg Buchanan's Sixteen Horses. It's a fantastic book, but I was a little misled at first. You see, I thought it was a thriller. In fact the phrase "...highly suspenseful thriller..." is in a blurb on the back cover. My friends, Sixteen Horses is not a highly suspenseful thriller. What it is… Continue reading SIXTEEN HORSES – Book Review

Book Review – The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward

This is a fantastic book. Fantastic. The Last House on Needless Street is the story of Ted, who lives alone with his cat in a big house. Ted is simple and sorta goofy but then we learn that Ted is perhaps also a serial killer. And the cat thinks more like a person than a… Continue reading Book Review – The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward

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First Goodreads Review for WHITESANDS is in!

I reached a milestone in my career today. The first review of Whitesands, my first novel, is up on Goodreads. I don't know the reviewer, though I have talked with him on Twitter in the course of getting him an early copy of Whitesands to review. And what a review! How far are you willing… Continue reading First Goodreads Review for WHITESANDS is in!

Book Review – THE BOOK OF ACCIDENTS by Chuck Wendig

The time is upon us! The stars have aligned and the altar is ready. Place upon it your copy of Chuck Wendig's THE BOOK OF ACCIDENTS and together we shall collapse this wretched existence into the darkness from whence it came! Ahem. The Book of Accidents is a tome. It is at once the future… Continue reading Book Review – THE BOOK OF ACCIDENTS by Chuck Wendig

Is Evenson’s LAST DAYS a horror version of Waiting for Godot?

I finally got myself a copy of Brian Evenson's LAST DAYS, a book that had been out of print for a while. While reading it I was struck by how much it reads like a surrealist play. The dialogue is quick and witty, reminiscent of plays much more than dialogue. Add to that Evenson's style… Continue reading Is Evenson’s LAST DAYS a horror version of Waiting for Godot?