I just finished Greg Buchanan's Sixteen Horses. It's a fantastic book, but I was a little misled at first. You see, I thought it was a thriller. In fact the phrase "...highly suspenseful thriller..." is in a blurb on the back cover. My friends, Sixteen Horses is not a highly suspenseful thriller. What it is… Continue reading SIXTEEN HORSES – Book Review


Book Review – The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward

This is a fantastic book. Fantastic. The Last House on Needless Street is the story of Ted, who lives alone with his cat in a big house. Ted is simple and sorta goofy but then we learn that Ted is perhaps also a serial killer. And the cat thinks more like a person than a… Continue reading Book Review – The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward

Book Review – Adam Nevill’s LAST DAYS

What a read! British horror-writer Adam Nevill's Last Days doorstopper is part found footage, has a true crime-vibe (figuratively only, there is nothing true here) and part old-school horror. Last Days tells the story of down-to-his-last-penny filmmaker Kyle, who is offered a lucrative job by a strange benefactor who wants Kyle to make a documentary… Continue reading Book Review – Adam Nevill’s LAST DAYS

First Goodreads Review for WHITESANDS is in!

I reached a milestone in my career today. The first review of Whitesands, my first novel, is up on Goodreads. I don't know the reviewer, though I have talked with him on Twitter in the course of getting him an early copy of Whitesands to review. And what a review! How far are you willing… Continue reading First Goodreads Review for WHITESANDS is in!

Book Review – Women Talking by Miriam Toews

Wow.Did not expect a book that is basically the minutes of a meeting to be this good. Granted, the meeting is a group of women in a Mennonite colony that are decided whether to leave or stay after discovering that the hurt they felt in the morning was not, in fact, the devil but being… Continue reading Book Review – Women Talking by Miriam Toews

The Girl in the Video – Michael David Wilson

The Girl in the Video is a cyber-stalky horror thriller from This is Horror podcast host Michael David Wilson. I've listened to the This is Horror Podcast for a while and so I knew that the author and podcast host had good taste in horror. The book is about a teacher living in Japan who… Continue reading The Girl in the Video – Michael David Wilson

The Sublime Weirdness of Jeff Vandermeer’s FINCH

FINCH is one of my favorite books. I can't understand why it hasn't been made into a series, or why there aren't more people running through the streets, thrusting a copy of FINCH upon random strangers exclaiming "You need to read this!" Ok. That last one was maybe a bit much. It's about a detective,… Continue reading The Sublime Weirdness of Jeff Vandermeer’s FINCH

There’s a Werewolf in the Basement, Asking me to Kill It.

Girl with wold mask in front of pink smoke

There's this friend you had in high school who you sometimes think about calling. You had some great times but drifted apart. You know the one? Well, in Max Booth III's Carnivorous Lunar Activities, Justin calls up his friend Ted, unknowingly stopping him from killing his wife in a murder-suicide. He tells Ted that he… Continue reading There’s a Werewolf in the Basement, Asking me to Kill It.

The Fisherman – Book Review

One of my favorite books of the last few years is John Langan's incredible The Fisherman, the 2016 Stoker Award winner. The Fisherman tells the story of two grieving men who become friends because of their shared passion for fishing (as a means to take their minds off the grief). The hear of a mysterious… Continue reading The Fisherman – Book Review

The Last Policeman – Book Review

You know that thing, when you finally read a book you've heard about again and again but, for whatever reason, haven't gotten around to yet? And then you do and it's awesome. That? Yeah, I just had that with Ben H. Winter's excellent pre-apocalyptic mystery The Last Policeman. The Last Policeman is a book I… Continue reading The Last Policeman – Book Review