Prompted Writing | The Night That Stayed

Twitter is a place of miracles, wonder and, let's be honest, a lot of shameless self-promotion (you know who you are). However, I somehow managed to get myself followed by a whole bunch of really interesting people who I am able to communicate with about all sorts of stuff (ok, mostly writing and books) without… Continue reading Prompted Writing | The Night That Stayed


Felix Gilman Poll Poetry

Recently-interviewed author Felix Gilman just tweeted a poem of sorts. "An Ohioan sits atop his tractor, his face lined with care. Soon they will come and ask him to choose a new King. He feels it in his bones. Across his fields the Ohioan sees the long shadows of the approaching pollsters. One leads a sheep,… Continue reading Felix Gilman Poll Poetry

Starting the Day Right

I opened Twitter this morning to find a very special tweet waiting for me. I am a fan of Cronin's Passage books (currently The Passage and The Twelve) and so this, a reply from Justin Cronin himself to a tweet he is not even mentioned directly in, pleased me greatly. Seeing as I am… Continue reading Starting the Day Right

Með stjörnur í augunum

Twitter er yndislegt fyrirbæri. Ég byrjaði að nota Twitter fyrir vinnuna, en bjó mér þó líka til aðgang sjálfur sem lá að mest óhreyfður. Hægt og rólega hef ég þó verið að "fylgja" fleirum. Twitter virkar þannig að það geta allir "fylgt" þér, þ.e. séð allt sem þú skrifar, ólikt Facebook þar sem maður þarf… Continue reading Með stjörnur í augunum