7 Great Book Dedications

Dedication are the little things at the front of many books that we skip over to get to the first chapter. Small and overlooked, the dedication is often the author's way of getting in a "Hi mom!" before the book starts. Most of the dedications one finds in books are of the sort we find… Continue reading 7 Great Book Dedications


3 Movie Trailers That Give Me Goosebumps

I'm a big fan of movie trailers. I check Apple's trailer site every week and am of the opinion that trailer-making is an art all to itself. And here are three trailers that are giving me goosebumps these days. 1. Watchmen I read the graphic novel before I saw the movie and really liked it.… Continue reading 3 Movie Trailers That Give Me Goosebumps

Dickens VS Fitzgerald – Character Fight

Who wrote better characters, Dickens or Fitzgerald? Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is often mentioned as one of the finest pieces of writing available, and rightly so. But how does it hold up to the works of other great writers? A description in Gatsby that I thought rather good made me think of one of Mr.… Continue reading Dickens VS Fitzgerald – Character Fight