5 Great Stephen King Cameos

I turned on my TV the other day and catch the final seconds of a Frasier rerun just as the credits start rolling. I'm about to change the channel when a familiar name pops up, seeming out of place for Frasier: "Stephen King". "Whoa," I think, "Stephen King on Frasier, this I have to see."… Continue reading 5 Great Stephen King Cameos


Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

In recent months I've interviewed a few writers. There's a certain question I try remember to ask them all, since it is something I wonder a lot about when it comes to choosing which books I read in an attempt to become a better writer. Here is the magical question: Authors Dan Simmons and Stephen… Continue reading Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Margaret Atwood’s Clever Reddit AMA Answers

Reddit is the small dark corner of the internet. Every now and then, authors will answer any question the dirty undeserving proletariat Reddit community (people like me and you) want to ask them, events called "AMA," for Ask Me Anything. Questions range from serious to downright silly, a common one being "Would you rather fight a horse-sized… Continue reading Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Margaret Atwood’s Clever Reddit AMA Answers

What are the Best Books on Writing?*

Ever thought about writing a book but didn't know where to start? It sometimes seems that every time a writer gets a novel published, they find a need to write a book about how to write books. A quick search on Amazon with the phrase "how to write" got me 163,130 results. But there is… Continue reading What are the Best Books on Writing?*

Author Interview | Barry Napier

Barry Napier

Barry Napier is an amazing writer who gets far less attention than he deserves. Barry has had more than 40 short stories and poems featured in print and online publications. He is the winner of a "Write a Dead Man novel" contest, and the resulting book, Streets of Blood is out today with Amazon.com's 47North… Continue reading Author Interview | Barry Napier

Asking Editors Questions | Geoffrey Liu of eHorror

Geoffrey Liu

Geoffrey Liu is the new managing editor of eHorror (a magazine in which I have had a story, The Dreamgiver).  I tracked Geoffrey down, strapped him to a chair, turned off the lights and asked him a few questions about horror as a genre, and the current state of the publishing world. Take a gander.… Continue reading Asking Editors Questions | Geoffrey Liu of eHorror

The Best Writing of the Week | Elmore Leonard

I'm just finishing up Elmore Leonard's short story collection, Fire in the Hole. The book has nine stories that are all of the very highest quality and I bought it for two main reasons: I wanted to get a taste for Mr. Leonard, whom I had not read before and... it contains a short story, Fire… Continue reading The Best Writing of the Week | Elmore Leonard