Short Story of the Week – Poppy Z. Brite’s Calcutta, Lord of Nerves

Some short stories you just remember. Maybe it's an image you remember, maybe an emotion or maybe the entire story. When it comes to Calcutta, Lord of Nerves, it's a passage for me. A single passage that made me go "Ugh, what the.... are you allowed to write that?" I read the story in John… Continue reading Short Story of the Week – Poppy Z. Brite’s Calcutta, Lord of Nerves


Prompted Writing | The Night That Stayed

Twitter is a place of miracles, wonder and, let's be honest, a lot of shameless self-promotion (you know who you are). However, I somehow managed to get myself followed by a whole bunch of really interesting people who I am able to communicate with about all sorts of stuff (ok, mostly writing and books) without… Continue reading Prompted Writing | The Night That Stayed

In Which You Prove You Don’t Hate Children… buying a little story for charity. A while back, in a place know as Twitterland, I volunteered my story-knitting services to a project for Emily Suess' Writer's Week. It involved starting off and writing the first fourth of a round-robin story to benefit a children's hospital. The best part was that since I got… Continue reading In Which You Prove You Don’t Hate Children…