5 Interesting New Markets for Short Stories

Here are 5 new publishers looking for your stories. They vary in the things they are looking for and how much they pay but they all look very interesting. 1.After the Happily Ever After (AHEA) Anthology Transmundane Press are looking for more stories for their After the Happily Ever After anthology. Do you think the… Continue reading 5 Interesting New Markets for Short Stories


3 Books To Read While You Wait for Winds of Winter

It was recently reported that the next book in George Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, Winds of Winter, would not be out in 2015, and I could almost hear the moans of disappointed fans all over the world. However, there is plenty of good stuff by Mr. Martin that should sate any… Continue reading 3 Books To Read While You Wait for Winds of Winter

3 Great Recently Read Short Stories

It can be hard to find good short stories, what with the sheer volume that is out there right now, and even harder to maintain focus to read one while Facebook and Twitter beckon. So I'll make it easy for you and point out 3 stories I read in the last few days that were… Continue reading 3 Great Recently Read Short Stories

11 Quotes on Fiction and Writing | George Saunders

You know those times when you read something fantastic and afterwards you are in a bit of a daze?  That just happened to me, as I finished George Saunders short story collection, Tenth of December. It was named one of the best books of the year by a few places you may recognize: People •… Continue reading 11 Quotes on Fiction and Writing | George Saunders

4 New Books or…. Money, Meet Mouth

Don't you just love it when you come home to discover that you got new books in the mail? Yeah, me too. This is just what happened today; 4 new books in a box. There was a little Baader-Meinhof phenomenon surprise waiting for me as I unpacked them, almost to the point of being creepy.… Continue reading 4 New Books or…. Money, Meet Mouth

3 of the Best Short Stories I’ve Read This September

I read a surprising amount of short stories every month. I have so many anthologies on my Kindle that it is positively bursting.  The bus I take to work allows me to read a short story on the way to work and on the way back. Two short stories per day. These days I'm mostly working… Continue reading 3 of the Best Short Stories I’ve Read This September