The Last Policeman – Book Review

You know that thing, when you finally read a book you've heard about again and again but, for whatever reason, haven't gotten around to yet? And then you do and it's awesome. That? Yeah, I just had that with Ben H. Winter's excellent pre-apocalyptic mystery The Last Policeman. The Last Policeman is a book I… Continue reading The Last Policeman – Book Review


Oh Fancy! THE WORLD SF BUNDLE (You really should take a look at this)

Okay, here's a deal you might want to take a gander at. It's a deal I have a special interest in. You see, I was in a rather smashing book once. Well, a tiny story of mine was in the rather illustrious Apex Book of World SF 4, and now that collection is part of… Continue reading Oh Fancy! THE WORLD SF BUNDLE (You really should take a look at this)

Book Review: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Doctor Avrana Kern just wanted to save the human race. A space station orbits a terraformed planet, destinied to be humanity's new home. Aboard are some of the greatest scientific minds, including polymath Avrana Kern, whose life has been leading up to this moment, where a group of monkeys is to be delivered to the… Continue reading Book Review: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

A Peek Inside My Kindle

Here's what's at the the top of my Kindle right now; the stuff I most recently added or read. It's interesting to see that of the fifteen items on there, only two are novels. These are Colin F. Barnes' gritty Artificial Evil and Barry Napier's Broken Skies, his latest book for Severed Press (that's the… Continue reading A Peek Inside My Kindle

My Five Favourite SF Novels (Guest Post)

*This is a guest post by writer Colin F Barnes Johann was kind enough to invite me to chat about what I enjoy in SF and what I consider to be stand out books. Well, in no specific order, here are five that really stand out for me. 1. A Scanner Darkly – Phillip K. Dick Where… Continue reading My Five Favourite SF Novels (Guest Post)

Book Review: Dreams of Dust

Dreams of Dust* is a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by Jeff Shelton Davies. It contains three stories, all rather long short stories (is that novellas? Novellettes?) The first story, Devil Come-A-Calling, is a dark fantasy that takes place in a wild-west setting. Jeff pulls the setting, tone and atmosphere off very well,… Continue reading Book Review: Dreams of Dust