How Douglas Adams wrote The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

I was thumbing through my copy of Don't Panic: Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (a book on Douglas Adams written by Neil Gaiman!) and came across a great passage. It certainly made me feel a little better about my glacial writing pace. This is Douglas describing how the Restaurant at the… Continue reading How Douglas Adams wrote The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


Illustrated Neil Gaiman Quotes About Librarians (and Einstein)

Cartoonist Chris Riddell illustrated some things Neil Gaiman said in a lecture about libraries, and they are just awesome. Neil Gaiman's love of libraries is well known and it is great to see Chris Riddell make them a source of inspiration. I saw these when Mr. Gaiman was sharing them on Facebook and thought they… Continue reading Illustrated Neil Gaiman Quotes About Librarians (and Einstein)

5 Books As Shitty Internet Headlines

Every day we are barraged with content, and headlines that beg us to read or watch something. Facebook's news feed is full of these little stories, and to get our attention the headlines are becoming increasingly harder not to click. The sole purpose is to get you to click the headline and go over to the site, so… Continue reading 5 Books As Shitty Internet Headlines

7 Great Book Dedications

Dedication are the little things at the front of many books that we skip over to get to the first chapter. Small and overlooked, the dedication is often the author's way of getting in a "Hi mom!" before the book starts. Most of the dedications one finds in books are of the sort we find… Continue reading 7 Great Book Dedications

The Best Writing of The Week | Harlan Ellison

Neil Gaiman told me to read Harlan Ellison, and if Mr. Gaiman says something, I obey. (This is also why I read Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) I come relatively late to Harlan Ellison but am not sorry for it; I'm glad there's something this good out there still left for me to… Continue reading The Best Writing of The Week | Harlan Ellison

Of Writerly Doubts

George R R Martin

Self-doubt is the lead weighing down the writer's running shoes. And the thing is, every writer has moments of self-doubt, even the great ones, the ones that have made it into the mainstream, the ones that sell millions and have tv shows made after their books. Here is a quote from George R. R. Martin,… Continue reading Of Writerly Doubts

The Secrets That Dwell in the Back of Dark Books

From Hell cover

I'm reading a dark, dark book, and in the back I found a dark, dark secret. I tend to read books completely; the preface, the introduction, the dedication and all appendices and epilogues. Doing this just paid off. Alan Moore's From Hell is a dense and dark book about the possible story behind Jack the… Continue reading The Secrets That Dwell in the Back of Dark Books

Með stjörnur í augunum

Twitter er yndislegt fyrirbæri. Ég byrjaði að nota Twitter fyrir vinnuna, en bjó mér þó líka til aðgang sjálfur sem lá að mest óhreyfður. Hægt og rólega hef ég þó verið að "fylgja" fleirum. Twitter virkar þannig að það geta allir "fylgt" þér, þ.e. séð allt sem þú skrifar, ólikt Facebook þar sem maður þarf… Continue reading Með stjörnur í augunum