Margaret Atwood Day

This is what happens when Margaret Atwood links to your blog from her Facebook page. A once-huge traffic day becomes a small blip on the otherwise flat horizon. Traffic yesterday was 5,569 visits, my second-best day ever, and today will be my third best day. 10 Fun Literary Insults is still my most popular post,… Continue reading Margaret Atwood Day


Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Margaret Atwood’s Clever Reddit AMA Answers

Reddit is the small dark corner of the internet. Every now and then, authors will answer any question the dirty undeserving proletariat Reddit community (people like me and you) want to ask them, events called "AMA," for Ask Me Anything. Questions range from serious to downright silly, a common one being "Would you rather fight a horse-sized… Continue reading Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Margaret Atwood’s Clever Reddit AMA Answers

5 Books As Shitty Internet Headlines

Every day we are barraged with content, and headlines that beg us to read or watch something. Facebook's news feed is full of these little stories, and to get our attention the headlines are becoming increasingly harder not to click. The sole purpose is to get you to click the headline and go over to the site, so… Continue reading 5 Books As Shitty Internet Headlines

Með stjörnur í augunum

Twitter er yndislegt fyrirbæri. Ég byrjaði að nota Twitter fyrir vinnuna, en bjó mér þó líka til aðgang sjálfur sem lá að mest óhreyfður. Hægt og rólega hef ég þó verið að "fylgja" fleirum. Twitter virkar þannig að það geta allir "fylgt" þér, þ.e. séð allt sem þú skrifar, ólikt Facebook þar sem maður þarf… Continue reading Með stjörnur í augunum