The 76 Authors You Need to Read to Become a Writer According to Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons is a writer you might know, and he once said something about writing and reading that has stuck with me ever since. His best-know books are The Terror, Summer of Night, Drood (personal favorite) and Carrion Comfort.  The Terror was recently made into a fantastic, if somewhat slow, TV-series, and the book is… Continue reading The 76 Authors You Need to Read to Become a Writer According to Dan Simmons


The World’s Best Novellas

The novella is the bastard child of the book world. Novellas the hushed-up offspring of novelist's one-night stands with typewriters. They are the awkward middle-child. Novellas are not long enough to be allowed into the novel club, and yet too long to be read in a single sitting. In paperback, they look flimsy and short… Continue reading The World’s Best Novellas

A little help from our friends

Writers start writing for any number of reasons. They have these great story ideas that just won't leave them alone until they get them down. They need to work through "some emotional stuff". They think it's an easy way to make money (boy are those guys wrong). Whatever the reason is that a person starts writing,… Continue reading A little help from our friends