2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books

I've read a few books this year. I've lost count, but it's not really that many, perhaps about three books in a month.  Well, I took together a list of the more memorable books I've read so far this year, and made a giant of a blog post out of it. These are the books… Continue reading 2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books


5 Books You Should Buy Too

My amazon.com cart is very seldom empty. I am constantly adding books to it, removing them, adding them back, adding some more until I get just the right ratio of books-per-dollar-amount. Then, when I have the perfect mix of books, I let it simmer for a while. There is a thought that adds a delay… Continue reading 5 Books You Should Buy Too

The Best Books I Read in 2012

I realize now that I have a book problem. Well, maybe it's not a problem so much as an issue of sorts. But before we get into that, let me tell you about the best books I read this year. I recently selected the The Twelve as my best book of 2012, but for that… Continue reading The Best Books I Read in 2012

The best writing of the week goes to…

I'm currently reading three books (I tend to read more than one, it's a filthy habit, I know) and one of them is The Grapes of Wrath. I think it may be unfair to the other two, since the writing is so sublime and the political commentary and the characters are timeless and near perfect.… Continue reading The best writing of the week goes to…

Beautiful Book Beginnings

I love it when books start off by caressing your reading muscles. Some books just start off feeling right, like you have slipped into a warm bath. Here are three examples (feel free to disagree, that's what the comments are for). The first one is from John Steinbeck's epic The Grapes of Wrath. I new… Continue reading Beautiful Book Beginnings

The World’s Best Novellas

The novella is the bastard child of the book world. Novellas the hushed-up offspring of novelist's one-night stands with typewriters. They are the awkward middle-child. Novellas are not long enough to be allowed into the novel club, and yet too long to be read in a single sitting. In paperback, they look flimsy and short… Continue reading The World’s Best Novellas