5 Rather Excellent Noir Crime Books

I got to spend a week in Exeter this summer, as the International Writer-in-Residence at the Quay Words literary festival. Part of the deal was to give a talk on Icelandic crime writing and at the end of that talk (which I may post here later) I told the audience about the books that most… Continue reading 5 Rather Excellent Noir Crime Books


8 of the Best Books I’ve Read This Year

I've read a good bit of books this year, some good, some not so good. Here's a quick list of the books I read this year that stood out. 1. We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson This is a really wonderful, odd, dark little story. It was the cover that caught… Continue reading 8 of the Best Books I’ve Read This Year

The Importance of Setting Goals as Writers

Sometimes I feel like my writing career is moving somewhat slower than it should. Do you ever feel that way? I've been reading Jeff VanderMeer's Booklife, and in it he talks about the importance of setting goals as a writer. Establishing goals is one of the most important tasks you can ever undertake for your… Continue reading The Importance of Setting Goals as Writers

What I’ll Be Reading This Summer

I happened to wander onto amazon.com today, and ended up buying books. These are books I've had in my cart for a while and for some reason it just felt like the right time to finally press "buy". Here they are, the books I'll be reading this summer. Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer I recently read… Continue reading What I’ll Be Reading This Summer