Should We Delete Our Social Media Accounts?

I've been wondering recently about writers who are most productive. In my own quest to become as productive as possible (make writing a habit, set aside time each day, make myself accountable to someone...) I have overlooked one of the things that fucks up my productivity the most; the cost of constant context switching due… Continue reading Should We Delete Our Social Media Accounts?


Just Some Fancy Books – Instagram

If you are on Instagram, you should take a look at something called #circleofbookishfriends It's booky-thing (of course) where you get a prompt like "Favorite author" or "Women Wednesday". The posts are, more often than not, Stephen King or horror-related, as the people who started the Circle of Bookish Friends (I think it was mother.horror)… Continue reading Just Some Fancy Books – Instagram

What I’m reading right now? This.

I was asked to contribute a short video to Bookriot's Instagram So I did. Here are 15 seconds in which I say things about a book and am very conscious of my voice and face and accent and everything. Ok, after my initial feelings of awkwardness recording that (this is take.... 5, I think)… Continue reading What I’m reading right now? This.