Are Genre Short Stories Better Than Novels?

I just interviewed Ellen Datlow for Bookriot, and that interview will be posted sometime next week (probably). In the meantime, here is Ellen on the power of the supernatural short story versus the novel, a sentiment I agree with. "I think that fiction of the supernatural works better in the shorter forms for the simple… Continue reading Are Genre Short Stories Better Than Novels?

A Peek Inside My Kindle

Here's what's at the the top of my Kindle right now; the stuff I most recently added or read. It's interesting to see that of the fifteen items on there, only two are novels. These are Colin F. Barnes' gritty Artificial Evil and Barry Napier's Broken Skies, his latest book for Severed Press (that's the… Continue reading A Peek Inside My Kindle

2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books

I've read a few books this year. I've lost count, but it's not really that many, perhaps about three books in a month.  Well, I took together a list of the more memorable books I've read so far this year, and made a giant of a blog post out of it. These are the books… Continue reading 2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books

Author Interview | Barry Napier

Barry Napier

Barry Napier is an amazing writer who gets far less attention than he deserves. Barry has had more than 40 short stories and poems featured in print and online publications. He is the winner of a "Write a Dead Man novel" contest, and the resulting book, Streets of Blood is out today with's 47North… Continue reading Author Interview | Barry Napier

Asking Editors Questions | Geoffrey Liu of eHorror

Geoffrey Liu

Geoffrey Liu is the new managing editor of eHorror (a magazine in which I have had a story, The Dreamgiver).  I tracked Geoffrey down, strapped him to a chair, turned off the lights and asked him a few questions about horror as a genre, and the current state of the publishing world. Take a gander.… Continue reading Asking Editors Questions | Geoffrey Liu of eHorror

Comics, Dark and Disturbing

I am a massive fan of the graphic novel. Comics, not so much. What I mean is that I am more a fan of complex stories in graphic form than superheroes in tight spandex, fighting aliens, robots or robot aliens. My favorites are Watchmen, Neil Gaiman's Sandman series and Strangehaven. Locks and Keys I recently started… Continue reading Comics, Dark and Disturbing

Friday Flash Fiction – The Dreamgiver

My son has trouble sleeping, and wakes up every night with a start. He falls asleep like every other kid, sometimes after a yawn and saying good night, sometimes after an hour of jumping on the bed singing "I'm not tired, I'm not tired." And then, after about three hours of sleep, he'll wake with… Continue reading Friday Flash Fiction – The Dreamgiver