3 Books To Read While You Wait for Winds of Winter

It was recently reported that the next book in George Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, Winds of Winter, would not be out in 2015, and I could almost hear the moans of disappointed fans all over the world. However, there is plenty of good stuff by Mr. Martin that should sate any… Continue reading 3 Books To Read While You Wait for Winds of Winter


7 Great Book Dedications

Dedication are the little things at the front of many books that we skip over to get to the first chapter. Small and overlooked, the dedication is often the author's way of getting in a "Hi mom!" before the book starts. Most of the dedications one finds in books are of the sort we find… Continue reading 7 Great Book Dedications

Of Writerly Doubts

George R R Martin

Self-doubt is the lead weighing down the writer's running shoes. And the thing is, every writer has moments of self-doubt, even the great ones, the ones that have made it into the mainstream, the ones that sell millions and have tv shows made after their books. Here is a quote from George R. R. Martin,… Continue reading Of Writerly Doubts

3 Excellent George R. R. Martin Stories

A Game of Thrones may be the most popular thing in the world right now, but before he reached Stephen King-fame, George Martin fiddled about with writing in a variety of genres, most notably horror and science fiction. Most of it is good or, at the very least, interesting. Here are three stories of his… Continue reading 3 Excellent George R. R. Martin Stories