This is THE Perfect Gift for That Book-and-Booze Lover in Your Life.

There are few things finer in this life than books and booze. My personal heaven is when I get a moment to myself, make a drink (beer, more often than not) and read a good story. Enter, Molly Tanzer and Nickmamatas' Mixed Up, a collection of flash fiction and cocktail recipes. Oh, this book is… Continue reading This is THE Perfect Gift for That Book-and-Booze Lover in Your Life.


Windowsill Cowboy – Short Story

Here's a short story I wrote in about 15 minutes at a drink-and-write event that Willona Sloan held at last year's Reykjavik Literature Festival. This is what 7 years of writing practice gets you. Enjoy. Windowsill Cowboy Thomas sat on his favorite windowsill in the living room and looked out at the sun set over the… Continue reading Windowsill Cowboy – Short Story

It Has Started!

Fireside Magazine is out. The lineup of writers appearing in Fireside is available for all to peruse, and I'm on it! *throws confetti* This is a pretty big deal for me, since there are some great names on there (Ken Liu, for one) and I'm just like the kid who got into the grown-up's party. I… Continue reading It Has Started!

Friday Flash Fiction – The Dreamgiver

My son has trouble sleeping, and wakes up every night with a start. He falls asleep like every other kid, sometimes after a yawn and saying good night, sometimes after an hour of jumping on the bed singing "I'm not tired, I'm not tired." And then, after about three hours of sleep, he'll wake with… Continue reading Friday Flash Fiction – The Dreamgiver

Let’s Talk! Dialogue in Fiction

Dialogue is part of writing that many writers get wrong, or misunderstand.  It shouldn't. I've taken three short-story writing courses and in the first one we were to write a short story that was heavy on dialogue. Most of the people taking the class, me included, were anxious about writing dialogue. So here's what I… Continue reading Let’s Talk! Dialogue in Fiction

Friday Flash, Short as They Come

This is a story that I entered into a 250-word-max contest, and did not win. I have little problem getting my work published, when I manage to ignore the internet long enough to bang out a story, but have yet to place in a contest. *EDIT* After a suggestion from circlesunderstreetlights in the comments, I have… Continue reading Friday Flash, Short as They Come