Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

In recent months I've interviewed a few writers. There's a certain question I try remember to ask them all, since it is something I wonder a lot about when it comes to choosing which books I read in an attempt to become a better writer. Here is the magical question: Authors Dan Simmons and Stephen… Continue reading Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer


Felix Gilman Poll Poetry

Recently-interviewed author Felix Gilman just tweeted a poem of sorts. "An Ohioan sits atop his tractor, his face lined with care. Soon they will come and ask him to choose a new King. He feels it in his bones. Across his fields the Ohioan sees the long shadows of the approaching pollsters. One leads a sheep,… Continue reading Felix Gilman Poll Poetry

Felix Gilman Interview

I used to subscribe to Weird Tales, the once-great magazine of the fantastic and the weird. Of the stories I read while subscribed, a strange little number by an author I had never heard of before caught me in a way none of the others did. It shone with talent, bright and strange. I immediately… Continue reading Felix Gilman Interview

The Best Writing of the Week

I'm currently reading a number of books, as is often the case. I'm sure there's a word for it. These include but are not limited to, UnMarketing, Trust Me I'm Lying, A Tale of Two Cities, Fire in the Hole and The Half-Made World. The following is a passage from The Half-Made World, a steampunk… Continue reading The Best Writing of the Week