Talek Finds His Rage

Here you have the first part of the second half of my novella-in-progress. In it, we are introduced to a new character and a new place in the novella's world. You do not need to have read anything else in the as-yet unpublished novella to read this, and I would really love for you to… Continue reading Talek Finds His Rage


Just a Bit of Great Writing

The following is a short excerpt from Seanan McGuire's Every Heart a Doorway that should be enough to either convince to buy the book right away because wow! The book tells the story of a group of teenagers that are trying to adapt to life after living in portal worlds (like the Narnia kids or Dorothy… Continue reading Just a Bit of Great Writing

This Author is About to Become Famous. Read Her Books Now and Impress Your Friends

There is an author you may not have heard of who is about to go really big. (Ok, if you are reading this blog you are actually somewhat likely to have heard of her). I speak, of course, of Victoria Schwab, author of A Darker Shade of Magic This is one of my favorite books… Continue reading This Author is About to Become Famous. Read Her Books Now and Impress Your Friends

Book Review: V.E. Schwab´s A Darker Shade of Magic

There are four Londons in this excellent fantasy by V.E. Schwab; Grey London is the normal Londob we all know and love, Red London is a London in another world, filled with magic and wonder, White London is a harsh place, full of wickedness and a stark desperation. And then there’s Black London, but we… Continue reading Book Review: V.E. Schwab´s A Darker Shade of Magic

The Best Writing of the Week | Lies of Locke Lamora

lies of locke lamora

Right now I'm reading a fantasy caper (not often I use the word caper) The Lies of Locke Lamora. And it is there I came across a description that is rather more elegant than you tend to get in fantasies of this kind. The Lies of Locke Lamora tells the story (at least so far)… Continue reading The Best Writing of the Week | Lies of Locke Lamora

A Peek Inside My Kindle

Here's what's at the the top of my Kindle right now; the stuff I most recently added or read. It's interesting to see that of the fifteen items on there, only two are novels. These are Colin F. Barnes' gritty Artificial Evil and Barry Napier's Broken Skies, his latest book for Severed Press (that's the… Continue reading A Peek Inside My Kindle

2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books

I've read a few books this year. I've lost count, but it's not really that many, perhaps about three books in a month.  Well, I took together a list of the more memorable books I've read so far this year, and made a giant of a blog post out of it. These are the books… Continue reading 2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books

The Next Big Thing | My Work in (little) Progress

Every now and then I seethe with envy as I see bloggers tagged and awarded by other bloggers, challenged to take part in a chain-blogging what-have-you. I thought of them as blackballing bastards that didn't give me the time of day (I may embellish somewhat). Until recently, that is.  It is with great pleasure that… Continue reading The Next Big Thing | My Work in (little) Progress

A Memory of Light

I just finished reading a book I started in 1993.  A Memory of Light, the fourteenth book in The Wheel of Time series was completed, by me, on Monday January 29th, just about 20 years after I read The Dragon Reborn, which is actually the third book in the series. The Wheel of Time is… Continue reading A Memory of Light