The Best Writing of The Week | Harlan Ellison

Neil Gaiman told me to read Harlan Ellison, and if Mr. Gaiman says something, I obey. (This is also why I read Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) I come relatively late to Harlan Ellison but am not sorry for it; I'm glad there's something this good out there still left for me to… Continue reading The Best Writing of The Week | Harlan Ellison


Harlan Ellison and Pain

I am a latecomer to Harlan Ellison, and I am a fool for it. I kept hearing how wonderful his stories and collections were, but I never read anything. My Kindle changed that. I bought a copy of Deathbird stories Somewhere, in some collection or introduction Neil Gaiman says that Harlan Ellison burned images into… Continue reading Harlan Ellison and Pain