Illustrated Neil Gaiman Quotes About Librarians (and Einstein)

Cartoonist Chris Riddell illustrated some things Neil Gaiman said in a lecture about libraries, and they are just awesome. Neil Gaiman's love of libraries is well known and it is great to see Chris Riddell make them a source of inspiration. I saw these when Mr. Gaiman was sharing them on Facebook and thought they… Continue reading Illustrated Neil Gaiman Quotes About Librarians (and Einstein)


12 Hilarious Illustrations to Unwritten Books

Did you know that Chris Riddell is a genius? If you are like me, you may not even have heard of Chris Riddell, whose name I just learned last week. He is a cartoonist whose recent work includes illustrations to Neil Gaiman's excellent short story The Sleeper and the Spindle. But that's not what I… Continue reading 12 Hilarious Illustrations to Unwritten Books