The 76 Authors You Need to Read to Become a Writer According to Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons is a writer you might know, and he once said something about writing and reading that has stuck with me ever since. His best-know books are The Terror, Summer of Night, Drood (personal favorite) and Carrion Comfort.  The Terror was recently made into a fantastic, if somewhat slow, TV-series, and the book is… Continue reading The 76 Authors You Need to Read to Become a Writer According to Dan Simmons


12 Hilarious Illustrations to Unwritten Books

Did you know that Chris Riddell is a genius? If you are like me, you may not even have heard of Chris Riddell, whose name I just learned last week. He is a cartoonist whose recent work includes illustrations to Neil Gaiman's excellent short story The Sleeper and the Spindle. But that's not what I… Continue reading 12 Hilarious Illustrations to Unwritten Books

What Are The Bestselling Books of All Time?

How many copies do you think the Harry Potter series has sold, total? How many copies of The DaVinci Code do you think have been sold?  I took a look at the world's best-selling books and book series of all time, according to Wikipedia's list, which they admit is "an incomplete list that may never be… Continue reading What Are The Bestselling Books of All Time?

The Best Writing of the Week | Dickens Again

The best writing this week comes, yet again, from Charles Dickens. He is a master, pure and simple. From great character names to the most vivid descriptions and heartbreaking plot, he is one to envy. Here is a great passage I came across this week while reading Hard Times She gave him an affectionate good-night,… Continue reading The Best Writing of the Week | Dickens Again

5 Books As Shitty Internet Headlines

Every day we are barraged with content, and headlines that beg us to read or watch something. Facebook's news feed is full of these little stories, and to get our attention the headlines are becoming increasingly harder not to click. The sole purpose is to get you to click the headline and go over to the site, so… Continue reading 5 Books As Shitty Internet Headlines

The Best Books I Read in 2012

I realize now that I have a book problem. Well, maybe it's not a problem so much as an issue of sorts. But before we get into that, let me tell you about the best books I read this year. I recently selected the The Twelve as my best book of 2012, but for that… Continue reading The Best Books I Read in 2012

The Best Writing of the Week

I started reading A Tale of Two Cities last week, and in chapter five I found an amazing passage. The passage describes a voice. Many writers, lesser writers than Dickens, might use a single adjective. "Raspy", perhaps, or "feint". But Charles Dickens, who is now my favorite author, goes all in when describing a voice,… Continue reading The Best Writing of the Week