The Reviews are In!

Today is release day for GARDEN OF FIENDS! Take a look at these early reviews: For those who don't know, Garden of Fiends is an anthology of addiction-themed horror, and it contains a tiny story by me along with longer pieces by some great writers. "There's something here to scare anyone and everyone. Garden of Fiends… Continue reading The Reviews are In!

The Paper Menagerie – Book review

You should have read one of Ken Liu's stories by now. You really should. Ken Liu is one of the brightest new stars of the science fiction and fantasy fields. He's won all the awards and had stories in all the main magazines, often reprinted in "Best of" anthologies. So yeah, you should really have… Continue reading The Paper Menagerie – Book review

Thoughts after reading Miéville’s This Census-Taker

China Miéville is at the forefront of the "new weird", but This Census-Taker, while weird, seems like a departure from his other books. This Census-Taker is a book I liked but find hard to really recommend to others. The most interesting thing about it is the subtle hints to the larger world of his Bas-Lag… Continue reading Thoughts after reading Miéville’s This Census-Taker

2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books

I've read a few books this year. I've lost count, but it's not really that many, perhaps about three books in a month.  Well, I took together a list of the more memorable books I've read so far this year, and made a giant of a blog post out of it. These are the books… Continue reading 2013 Book Megapost | 19 Great Books

Book Review: Seven Wonders

I recently finished Adam Christopher's Seven Wonders and unfortunately, I'm not really thrilled.* A great start! The book starts off with a bang, I can't remember the last book that really got me like Seven Wonders. (Ok, I can. It was The Reapers are the Angels). We start in a bank being robbed by a… Continue reading Book Review: Seven Wonders