A Few Interesting Things

Just a quick note of a few things I saw today that I thought might interest you. First - Interective Novella / Wordy Game My writer-friend Barry Napier's interactive game/story Buried got a write-up in TIME magazine, no less. Bottom line seems to be that they liked the writing and the story but didn't find enough… Continue reading A Few Interesting Things


Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

In recent months I've interviewed a few writers. There's a certain question I try remember to ask them all, since it is something I wonder a lot about when it comes to choosing which books I read in an attempt to become a better writer. Here is the magical question: Authors Dan Simmons and Stephen… Continue reading Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

Author Interview | Barry Napier

Barry Napier

Barry Napier is an amazing writer who gets far less attention than he deserves. Barry has had more than 40 short stories and poems featured in print and online publications. He is the winner of a "Write a Dead Man novel" contest, and the resulting book, Streets of Blood is out today with Amazon.com's 47North… Continue reading Author Interview | Barry Napier