8 of the Best Books I’ve Read This Year

I've read a good bit of books this year, some good, some not so good. Here's a quick list of the books I read this year that stood out. 1. We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson This is a really wonderful, odd, dark little story. It was the cover that caught… Continue reading 8 of the Best Books I’ve Read This Year


Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

In recent months I've interviewed a few writers. There's a certain question I try remember to ask them all, since it is something I wonder a lot about when it comes to choosing which books I read in an attempt to become a better writer. Here is the magical question: Authors Dan Simmons and Stephen… Continue reading Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

The Best Books I Read in 2012

I realize now that I have a book problem. Well, maybe it's not a problem so much as an issue of sorts. But before we get into that, let me tell you about the best books I read this year. I recently selected the The Twelve as my best book of 2012, but for that… Continue reading The Best Books I Read in 2012

Author Interview | Alden Bell

"If the literary crowd is keeping itself from the pleasures of zombie fiction, then it's doing itself a disservice." - Alden Bell, author of The Reapers are the Angels. I love the internet, I really do. The other day I bought a book called The Reapers are the Angels. It is good and was nominated… Continue reading Author Interview | Alden Bell

3 Examples of Adverbs Used Wrongly

Adverbs are the zombies of literature.  I just started reading The Reapers are the Angels, by Alden Bell (pen name of Joshua Gaylord) after accidentally dropping in on a sale in my local indie book store (did I just use an adverb in a post where I intend to bash them mercilessly? (oh damn!, I… Continue reading 3 Examples of Adverbs Used Wrongly