Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer

In recent months I've interviewed a few writers. There's a certain question I try remember to ask them all, since it is something I wonder a lot about when it comes to choosing which books I read in an attempt to become a better writer. Here is the magical question: Authors Dan Simmons and Stephen… Continue reading Should Writers Read Classics or Trash? Four Writers Answer


I’m in a Book, Ya’ll!

Sorry about the "Ya'll", but I'm very excited. Start Here Volume 2 is out! From the announcement over on Bookriot: There are so many fantastic authors and great books out there that sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Start Here, Volume 2 solves that problem; it tells you how to read your way into 25… Continue reading I’m in a Book, Ya’ll!

Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Margaret Atwood’s Clever Reddit AMA Answers

Reddit is the small dark corner of the internet. Every now and then, authors will answer any question the dirty undeserving proletariat Reddit community (people like me and you) want to ask them, events called "AMA," for Ask Me Anything. Questions range from serious to downright silly, a common one being "Would you rather fight a horse-sized… Continue reading Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Margaret Atwood’s Clever Reddit AMA Answers

From Writer Daniel Hecht, Sensible Writing Advice

Skull Session Cover

I read Skull Session by Daniel Hecht WAY back in nineteen-ninety-something, and to this day I'm convinced that I am the only person who has done so. I had not heard of Hecht before I read the book, and I have never encountered any reference to him since. For a while I thought the man… Continue reading From Writer Daniel Hecht, Sensible Writing Advice

Author Interview | Barry Napier

Barry Napier

Barry Napier is an amazing writer who gets far less attention than he deserves. Barry has had more than 40 short stories and poems featured in print and online publications. He is the winner of a "Write a Dead Man novel" contest, and the resulting book, Streets of Blood is out today with's 47North… Continue reading Author Interview | Barry Napier

7 Great Book Dedications

Dedication are the little things at the front of many books that we skip over to get to the first chapter. Small and overlooked, the dedication is often the author's way of getting in a "Hi mom!" before the book starts. Most of the dedications one finds in books are of the sort we find… Continue reading 7 Great Book Dedications

The Best Writing of The Week | Harlan Ellison

Neil Gaiman told me to read Harlan Ellison, and if Mr. Gaiman says something, I obey. (This is also why I read Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) I come relatively late to Harlan Ellison but am not sorry for it; I'm glad there's something this good out there still left for me to… Continue reading The Best Writing of The Week | Harlan Ellison

Of Writerly Doubts

George R R Martin

Self-doubt is the lead weighing down the writer's running shoes. And the thing is, every writer has moments of self-doubt, even the great ones, the ones that have made it into the mainstream, the ones that sell millions and have tv shows made after their books. Here is a quote from George R. R. Martin,… Continue reading Of Writerly Doubts