The Girl in the Video – Michael David Wilson

The Girl in the Video is a cyber-stalky horror thriller from This is Horror podcast host Michael David Wilson. I’ve listened to the This is Horror Podcast for a while and so I knew that the author and podcast host had good taste in horror.

The book is about a teacher living in Japan who gets an odd video sent in a private message. The message is arousing but odd. As the book goes on he gets more messages but the sender remains anonymous and elusive but seems to know quite a bit about the main character. Of course, this escalates in a rather brutal way.

For me the book worked as intended, though it did not do much more. It’s a solid outing, it’s strength lies partly in its brevity. It’s a book you tear through.

Certainly it will appeal to fans of cyber stalky thrillers. In her review for Cemetary Dance, Sadie Hartman (motherhorror on Instagram and Twitter) compared the book to the Netflix documentary Don’t Fuck With Cats, which is a good comparison. If you liked Don’t Fuck With Cats, and you regularly read horror, this is a book for you.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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