Garden of Fiends – eBook offer something

There’s a deal going on now on an addiction-themed horror anthology called Garden of Fiends.

It has novellas by Jack Ketchum, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jessica McHugh John FD Taff, Max Booth III, Glen Krisch and Mark Matthews.

(Yes, it also has a story by me, but it’s short and you can just skip it).


Seriously though, the book is great. But don’t take my word for it, take Josh Malerman’s:

“Garden of Fiends is scary in the realest of ways. What fertile ground for horror; stories that already, by nature, take place in the Twilight Zone; where lies and shady acts are the rule; where men and women step out of one world and into another; a place where addiction is king. John FD Taff’s ‘Last Call’ is worth the price of admission alone.” 
Josh Malerman, Bram Stoker nominated author of Bird Box
99 cents for a book of stories that each are worth 9 bucks. Don’t do the math, just buy the book.

1 thought on “Garden of Fiends – eBook offer something”

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