Just a few words

I’m writing again.

The following is a single-sentence paragraph that I think works, mainly due to the emotions involved. Let me know in the comments (no worries, this is first-draft material, so be brutally honest).

The argument was mundane, a been-married-for-twelve-years banal tiff, a clichéd and overused disagreement between people who love each other, love worn smooth and easy and everyday, an argument about bills or dishes, it didn’t matter what mattered was that Troy had ended it by saying “Fuck you” with his heart in his throat full of vinegar but the rest of him full of the love he felt and as he slammed the door behind him he felt like crying because he didn’t mean that “Fuck you” didn’t mean it at all what he wanted to say was “I am unsure about myself and how you feel about me” but of course you can’t ever really say what you mean so you say “Fuck you” and hope the other person feels a pang of guilt but now Troy is outside, walking walking he doesn’t know where just walking and not crying but wanting it, wanting her, wanting to not have said “Fuck you” and stormed out into a crying night.

Also, I’m currently reading Reading Like a Writer by the aptly named Francine Prose and absolutely loving it.


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