Coming in Eight Days…

Check. This. Out.

Garden of Fiends is an anthology of addiction-themed horror stories from some of the genre’s best and most promising writers (only slightly marred by including a story of mine). It’s out in ten days but there’s a discount offer available for pre-orders (or so the publisher tells me).

Authors in the anthology include Jack Ketchum, Max Booth III, Mark Matthews, Jessica McHugh and others.

I see the pre-order price as $4.59 on Kindle, but I see weird Kindle prices all the time, being in Iceland and not in Trumplandia the United States so you’ll have to check out what your pre-order price is. Click the cover, it’ll take you to the amazon page.

Oh, yeah, the anthology’s cover is amazing, by the way.

Here are some early reviews:

“There’s something here to scare anyone and everyone. Garden of Fiends pushes all the wrong buttons in all the right ways!”
Jonathan Maberry , New York Times best-selling author of Dogs of War and Mars One

“An incredibly fascinating and at times grim read. These are dark tales set against a backdrop of fear, addiction and self-loathing where families are ripped apart and relationships are left in tatters. Some of these stories will infect your conscious, burying themselves deep inside of your mind, leaving you scarred and itching to read more.”
Adrian Shotbolt of THE GRIM READER

“An unflinching and intense collection of addiction stories from some of the best authors in the business…. My highest recommendation to those readers who are strong of heart!”
Charlene Cocrane‘s Horror Corner

“Brings us face-to-face with the demons driving us to dependence. Raw, brutal and insightful, Garden of Fiends is an important work.”
Lee Murray, author of Into the Mist

“A brilliant and original concept, Garden of Fiends captures the struggles of addiction and the horrors they inflict on those affected by it. Yes, it is dark and visceral, but with moments of hope throughout that make this a memorable collection of stories.”
Rich Duncan from The Horror Bookshelf

Want to get in early for a discount?  Click here. 

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