Just a Bit of Great Writing

The following is a short excerpt from Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway that should be enough to either convince to buy the book right away because wow!


The book tells the story of a group of teenagers that are trying to adapt to life after living in portal worlds (like the Narnia kids or Dorothy back from Oz) of varying kind.

The kids live in a boarding school that’s supposed to be safe and normal where they take lessons and attend group therapy sessions. But one of the kids is found murdered, and then another.

The following passage is a just a few of the kids entering a cellar, but is well written enough to deserve this short blog post. Particularly the last sentence.

He jogged past them and opened the cellar doors, releasing a rush of cool, sepulchral air. He held the doors until the others were through, and then he followed them, closing the doors with a final-sounding clank that left them in near darkness. Nancy had dwelt in the Halls of the Dead, where the lights were never turned above twilight, for fear of hurting sensitive eyes. Christopher had learned to navigate a world of skeletons, none of whom had eyes anymore, and many of whom had long since forgotten about the squishy living and their need for constant illumination. Jack could see by the light of a single storm.

Buy the book, buy it now.


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