Here’s why YOU, Dear Fellow Writer, Should Support Fireside’s Patreon


I was in the position so many of you have been or are in right now; I’d written a few stories but didn’t think I really had what it takes to be a writer. I’d been published in some small presses for, let’s face it, nothing but “exposure”. I wasn’t about to quit, really (this is not a sob story) but I had no real confidence either.

Enter Fireside Fiction. I got an acceptance from what I had deemed to be a long, long shot. The editor, whiskey-lover Brian White, said he really liked my story, a 1000-word slow creeper, and wanted to buy it. For $125.

Yes. $125 for a story just under 1,000 words. Best of all, of course, he gave me the confidence that allows me to now think that I can actually do this.

But Fireside needs our help. If we want there to be magazines that actually pay writers real money for stories, we need to be willing to pay real money for them. They have a Patreon going now. The Patreon closes in a few days and they could really use a little push.

Please support it, for the lowly starting pledge of $2 per month you get a lot awesome stories. I mean, Chuck Wendig, DJ Older, Elizabeth Bear and Ken Liu have been in it, (along with me, the unknown writer writing this.)

Pledge now (or at least just check it out).


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