Joe Lansdale on Where His Stories Come From

“Sometimes the environment shapes the story. I know it’s that way with me. This part of East Texas is thick with trees, damp with water, humid with sweat and the smell of rain-wet low lands. It’s got snakes and gators and stickers and flies, mosquitoes and ticks, chiggers and lice. It’s got the moon through the trees, the flop of fish in the creek. It’s got lots of shadows, and between the shadows there is light, and sometimes there is shadowed light. Tornadoes. Rain storms. It’s got a kind of fever in the summer and a back burner boil even in spring, come fall and winter it can be pleasant or sharp with cold and sometimes sleet and now and again a rare fall of snow. The environment shapes the people. It shapes stories. It’s what I know best.”

Taken from an update on Joe’s Facebook page.


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