I Want to be Thrilled. Please Help Me

Gun to your head, what’s the book you read the fastest? Quick!


Seriously, I need some help. You see, I have a rather bad case of hayfever. I remember spending the summers of my youth with itchy eyes and a runny nose. Modern medicine has cleared this up quite well but there is a small snag… the drugs I take make me fall asleep after reading only a few paragraphs of a book. I used to have to remind myself that I had work in the morning and if I didn’t put the book down and go to sleep right then and there I’d have to score some speed on the way to work. (Don’t do drugs). This is where you come in.


Please tell me about the books you read recently that you just could not put down. I mean the serious page-turners, the thrillers you read as you rode the bus, so enthralled that you missed your stop but didn’t care. The ones that make you shush your partner, bite your nails and skip dinner. I want a book that will hold my attention through the haze of hayfever medicine.

What books kept you turning the pages?


9 thoughts on “I Want to be Thrilled. Please Help Me”

  1. Company of Liars by Karen Maitland; compelling and evocative medieval thriller. Dream Story by Schnitzler; eroticism and the uncanny in 1920s Vienna. That’ll do, for I must away. Enjoy. I adore your surname, btw. Thor’s son. TTFN.


  2. Dream Story sounds very interesting.

    My father’s name IS Thor. Iceland has a unique form of family names, joining together the father’s name and the appropriate ending for the gender. My son’s last name, for instance, is Johannsson.


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