5 Weekly Posts in One, and a Signed Book

I assume you all know that in addition to writing about books and writing here, I have a weekly slot at Bookriot. Below is a list of my 5 last posts for them, one of which I feel safe in saying “went viral”.  More about that in a bit.



5 Magical Books by Women, in which I talk about five books I read recently that were written by women. These books are all fantasy books of one sort or another, and are all very awesome.

5 Books With Awful Original Titles. You will not believe what Fitzgerald originally wanted to call The Great Gatsby 

Why Do We Pick The Books We Do?, in which I think deep thoughts about why we decide to buy and read the books we do.

The American Gods Dreamcast, in which I muse on the possible cast for the forthcoming TV serialization of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. People had feelings about my choices.

One-star Reviews of Beloved Books, in which I poke fun at people who give some of my favorite books one-star reviews for all the wrong reasons.


Book Expo America, which is a giant book event thing, was last week and some of the BookRiot crew went. Cassandra Neace was kind enough to track Chuck Wendig down (with whom, by the way, I’ll be appearing in Fireside Magazine) and got him to sign a book for me. He did not disappoint. Thanks for getting this for me, Cassandra.



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