Moving Up in the World (of Book Blogs, at least)

So, I am now very officially part of the BookRiot team.BookRiot

This means that I now get to write about books for an audience that is almost exactly one thousand times the size of the one I have here. I have committed to submitting a post once a week (or more if I feel like it) and so far it has been going really well.

Just to show off, here are my BookRiot posts so far:

A Fan of the Book, Not the Author (In which I talk about one-hit wonder authors)

3 Books I’m Ashamed to Have Abandoned (Self explanatory)

Literary Inception: Books About Books (I read books about books, and these ones are good)

Buy, Borrow, Bypass (In which I rate and recommend books)

My Favorite Short Story Collections (It is exactly what the label says it is)

I started this blog (the English version, that is) in June of this year and this chance to write for BookRiot is great. When they contacted me initially I was a little… “who… me?”

But then I was all:

Follow BookRiot on Twitter, like them on Facebook, send them a postcard.


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