Four Books I Just Ordered (and why I’m so excited about them)

Perrin Aybara. Badass.

In a few days I’m off to warm sunny Orlando, Florida to visit my parents and go to Sea World and Gatorland and all sorts of themed places. And to make sure I’m not bored while there, I ordered a few books that will be waiting when I arrive.

Towers of Midnight (The Wheel of Time), Robert Jordan + Brandon Sanderson

I started reading the Wheel of Time when I was fourteen. My brother gave me book three of the series, The Dragon Reborn, and said it might be the sort of thing I might like. He certainly didn’t. I started reading and, as might be expected when one starts on book three, had no idea what was going on. I kept reading, mainly because I had nothing else to read, but also because there was a lot of cool shit going on (in my opinion, the series peaks in books 3 – 6). Well, somewhere between books 5 and 7 I became a fan. Mr. Jordan almost lost me around book eight but I stuck with it and now it is time for my reward… book thirteen followed by the final installment due out in January 2013. Epic fantasy… I’m your fanboy.

The Haunting of Hill House, Shirley Jackson

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of horror, mainly because there is so much of it that is bad. However, sources inform me (and by sources I mean the gaunt man that hides in the shadows of my yard and whispers cryptically to me in my sleep) that this is the best horror book out there. And I think it is high time I read it.

In the Skin of a Lion, Michael Ondaatje

Micheal Ondaatje writes the way I want to write. I can die happy if I someday get compared to him in some fashion. mr. Ondaatje is one of the very few writers whom I read solely for the quality of his prose, story be damned. I have read almost all of his books, apart from this one, and am seriously looking forward to reading prose that makes my brain dance.

The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror

I  like short stories. They can pack the punch of a novel and yet you can read them in a single sitting. Every year, I read about five – six anthologies, though this year I have read a bit more. The Locus Award collection (very highly recommended), The Outlaw Album, Dreams of Dust, and Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters. Couple this affinity for short stories with my taste for the darker side of fiction and this collection is sure to please. At least it’s sister volume, The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy did not disappoint.

How about you, dear reader, what books are you reading next?


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