Regarding the Leaked Photos of Kate Middleton

So… last post was an experiment of sorts. Inspired by Ryan Holiday’s Trust Me, I’m Lying, I set up a book review with a deliberately misleading title, LEAKED, PHOTOS OF KATE MIDDLETON NUDE!

I did this in the spirit of the book being reviewed (press the link and read the review).

Photo by jpellgen

I resulted in me getting a lot of search traffic I wasn’t expecting, and not the clicks-on-the-headline that I thought.

Here are yesterday’s (September 24th) visits from search engines to my blog, and the keywords that brought them here:

Search Views
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unnecessary adverbs 1
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lazenby’s aetheriolabe 1

The lesson for me is… there are a lot of people out there looking for photos of Kate Middleton. I’m almost tempted to turn this from a book blog into a more lucrative naked-photos-of-famous-people blog, since so few of the keywords are book- or writing-related. Also, Ryan Holiday speaks the truth.


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