What I’m working on

I’m working on a novel (aren’t we all?)

The theme and overall tone can be reduced to two images and a song. My current working title is Sand & Glass, but this may change. It is a post-apocalyptic fantasy that takes place in a desert setting (small tent village against a very big wall), and is about a young woman who has to cope when the “world after”, the one she now lives in, starts to fall apart. No zombies, and very little magic. The plan is to have the first part, hopefully around 25 – 30 thousand words, sent to beta readers before the end of September.

The artwork below is Michael Whelan’s (used here with complete disregard for copyright laws) and he is, along with Todd Lockwood and Brom, one of my favorite fantasy artists. The song is by the Chemical Brothers, from the soundtrack from the movie Hanna.

In other news, a story of mine is in the newly released debut issue of eFiction Horror, and another has been bought by its mother publication, eFiction Magazine and will be out in a few days.

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